Kristen Stewart Adresses Whether or Not She’s ‘Quitting Hollywood’

Kristen and Nicholas?
The 'Equals' co-stars grab sushi together.
Last October, Kristen Stewart told USA Today that she would be taking a break from the acting world to focus on a new passion she found in creating art.

The actress mentioned she planned to take a lot of time off, so when tabloids got a hold of the interview, they immediately twisted it into Stewart “quitting Hollywood” all together.

However, the Still Alice actress is now opening up about the false reports as well as the many other speculations the tabloids have created surrounding her over the years.

“[The tabloids are] a whole other form of entertainment that’s, like, just voraciously consumed,” she tells HuffPo after the interviewer asked about the constant media attention, seemingly understanding the constant need for speculation surrounding her life.

As for the “quitting Hollywood” story, Stewart laughs it off.

“It’s funny, you know, you do an interview and someone says, ‘Oh you’ve been working a lot! What are you planning on doing now?’ And you say, ‘Uh, I’m just going to take a second and like do something other than that’… [and then there’s a headline] ‘Kristen Stewart Quits Hollywood!'”

She didn’t quit Hollywood, but she did decide to dive into art while between movies.

“I basically have started a self-led, middle-school art class in my garage,” she explains.  “It’s so cool! I’m just like throwing paint.  It feels so good.”

Watch her remarks by hitting play on the video above and the full interview below.