Kristen Stewart: ‘No One Gives More of a F*ck Than Me’

Rumors, Rumors
Kristen Stewart addresses whether or not she's quitting Hollywood
Famous for her “I give no f*cks” attitude in the media and playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga (amongst other things), Kristen Stewart has a confession to make that may come off as a surprise to all you Krisbian-mongers.

Contrary to popular belief that Kristen Stewart gives zero f*cks, Kristen Stewart says she actually does give a f*ck or two.

In an exclusive interview with to speak about her latest film Still Alice (opposite the amazing Julianne Moore), deputy entertainment editor Anna Silman told Kristen, “You are kind of a hero to people, in a way. A lot of people admire what they see as your give-no-f–ks attitude.”

Kristen, taken aback by the comment, said in response, “I’m like, actually, ‘No one gives a f–k like me. No one gives more of a f–k than me.’ It’s just ironic to me. I’m always like, ‘Really?'”

Wary of the press to the point where she acts brooding, arguably awkward and a little fidgety, it’s totally reasonable that Kristen shies away from the spotlight! After all, ever since she starred in Twilight in 2008, Kristen has unwillingly, uncomfortably been at the center of media attention.

But don’t let her attitude mislead you to think that she doesn’t care.

Kristen wore a sheer dress by Roksanda, showing off her bra, and Barbara Bui heels during the premiere of Still Alice in New York City last night (Jan. 13) at Landmark Sunshine Cinema, where she posed with co-stars Julianne Moore and Kate Bosworth. She then attended the after-party with Kate at White Street Restaurant, wearing a chic grey J Mendel coat and Stuart Weitzman boots.

Earlier yesterday, she promoted her film with Julianne at Huffington Post, where she talked about how she’s not quitting Hollywood.

Check out the gallery above to see her look at the premiere and after-party!