WATCH: 2Chainz Smokes Nancy Grace in Marijuana Debate

Snooki talks legalizing marijuana.
A 2Chainz vs. Nancy Grace debate is just as amazing as it sounds.

The rapper joined the harsh TV host on her HLN show, and right from the beginning, we knew it was bound to be great.  Grace’s introduction was enough to send us into a fit of laughter: “A superstar in his own right known as 2 Chainz, also Tauheed Epps, also Tity Boi,” she begins without a flinch before launching into an attack against the rapper for supporting the legalization of marijuana.

In typical Grace fashion, she launches a fear-mongering campaign against 2chainz and the legalization of weed, using one particular story of a parent getting her child high as her No.1 example of why we shouldn’t allow for the responsible regulation of the drug.

But 2Chainz ain’t havin’ it.

He punks the host, providing a list of examples of how legalization could benefit society: prevent prison crowding, help with the budget deficit, aid in the war on drugs and so on and so forth.

His logical and rational answer catches the loudmouthed, anti-pot enthusiast off guard, sending her into a weird frenzy of arguments that make absolutely no sense and earning 2Chainz a round of applause.

Watch a clip from the hilarious moment in the video above.