WATCH: Maroon 5 Members Crash Multiple Weddings in ‘Sugar’ Music Video

Sexy Adam Levine
This is how Adam earned his sexiest man title.
The members of Maroon 5 decided to crash weddings for their “Sugar” music video.

In the video, Adam Levine drives his band to various wedding receptions around Los Angeles, surprising couples on their wedding day. You have to see this video!

The band must’ve been inspired by the 2005 movie, Wedding Crashers. In the movie, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson’s characters crash weddings. But, while Vaughn and Wilson’s characters crashed weddings to meet girls, the band just did it to surprise couples on their big day.

As the band crashed each of the weddings and surprised everyone, a camera was there to capture all of the amazing moments. Everything was caught on camera and turned into the band’s new music video. This video is so cute, the reactions from the couples and their guests are just priceless!

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