Actor Allen Evangelista Talks New ‘Project Almanac’ Movie, Spills ‘Secret Life of the American Teenager’ Secrets

Allen Evangelista has been on some of the most popular tween and teen TV shows of the past 10 years. First the Nickelodeon show, Zoey 101, then the hit ABC Family show, The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Now, Evangelista is breaking into movies and he’s starring in a new film, Project Almanac. We were lucky enough to talk to Evangelista about his new movie, and he also spilled secrets about his past projects.

Project Almanac follows a group of five teenagers as they discover blueprints for a time machine. The group of high school students build the time machine, and decide to use it. But, they soon realize that there can be consequences to time traveling.

We asked Evangelista to tell us about his character he revealed, “I play Adam, and he’s kind of like the geeky tech nerd as far as the computers. He’s a hacker, he knows how to do some programming and that comes into play with building this machine. It’s a lot of good fun. I know it’s in the realm of sci-fi, but it’s pretty grounded, which is what I love about it.”

This movie has a great young cast. So, did they have a good time filming this movie? Evangelista told us, “We did! The cast is great, we all got along so well so quick. We spent two months in Atlanta, we’d all never been there before so that was fun. And we actually got to shoot at Lollapalooza for this movie, I don’t know if you could call that work. But that was our work for a weekend, we got to run around Lollapalooza so that was cool.”

Before breaking into movies, Evangelista was appearing on many popular tween and teen TV shows. From 2006-2008, Evangelista appeared  Zoey 101, which starred Jamie Lynn Spears. When we asked Evangelista about that experience he told us, “Zoey 101 was definitely fun, they took a chance and kept bringing me back each season, and I’m really really grateful to them for that. That lead to my next gig, I think.”

What was it like working with Spears? Evangelista told us, “She was very nice, everyone was really cool.”

Then in 2008, Evangelista landed the role of Henry on The Secret Life of the American Teenager. That show starred Shailene Woodley, who became a huge star after the show ended its run in 2013.

When asked about that experience Evangelista told us, “That was, so far, we’ll see how this movie does, but that was the best gig definitely ever. Five seasons was such a long time.”

Does he still keep in touch with the cast? Evangelista revealed, “Everyone who was there was nice. We all still kind of keep in touch. It was definitely probably the best five years ever for me.”

What does he think about Woodley’s success? “She’s great, she was always nothing but the sweetest person on set. She would write us cards after every season, and she was just professional and sweet. I mean she deserves all of this success, she’s killing it, it’s amazing.”

Evangelista has already worked with so many great actors in his career. But, we wanted to know which actors he would like to work with in the future? Three actors on Evangelista’s wish list are: Robert Downey Jr., Daniel Day Lewis, Scarlett Johansson.

You can check out Project Almanac when it hits theaters on Jan. 30! Watch the trailer for the movie below!

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(Main Picture Credit: Ben Miller)