Are Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice Feuding?

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It’s easy to imagine a feud between Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande: Both co-starred in a popular show together; both launched their own solo music careers; both are widely loved by the youths.  Basically, they both compete in the same categories and that’s never a good combination for a friendship.

After almost two years of speculation following the cancellation of Victorious (after which Grande starred as the lead in her own show Sam and Cat), Justice still feels the need to address the feud rumors.

A paparazzo for TMZ asked the 21-year-old Eye Candy actress about the falling out between her and Ariana, she responded: “There’s no feud.  We’re not best friends, but at the end of the day, I wish her well, and she’s doing great, and I’m happy for her.”

She added, “We’re on different paths, doing our own things.”

She was also asked about her responsibility in ending Victorious and “breaking up the band” due to her desire to start a solo music career, which was was not very happy to hear.

“I didn’t break up anything,” Justice shot back. “That’s complete misinformation. I had no control over leaving the show or the show ending. That was completely up to Nickelodeon and the executives. I loved the cast, and I loved doing Victorious. Me going on tour when I did had nothing to do with whether or not there was a Victorious tour.”

She continued, “I don’t think it’s fair to blame it on me, because I don’t think it’s true.”

Watch her full response in the video below.