Find Out Why Naya Rivera is Calling Justin Bieber a ‘Douchebag’

Bieber Photoshopped
Justin Bieber's body gets a dramatic transformation.
At this point–after a DUI and several run-ins with the law–pretty much everyone agrees that Justin Bieber is a douchebag, including Naya Rivera.

The Glee actress continued her co-hosting gig with The View on Thursday and didn’t hold back when it came to her true feelings about the 20-year-old singer.

Bieber shared a photo to Instagram earlier this week wearing only a towel to mock the photoshop rumors surrounding his Calvin Klein ad.  When the panel of hosts got to chatting about the scandalous pic, Rivera couldn’t help but jump on the Bieber-hating bandwagon.

“I could care less about the Photoshopping than the shirtless selfie,” she expressed.  “it’s annoying, and you look like a douchebag.”

She gave some sound advice to the pop star, adding, “Girls don’t want to date guys that are constantly in a mirror… Like, stop. Go fix something in the house. That’s hotter.”

The photo also brought up a point she had made earlier in the week: that white people “shower way more” than ethnic people.  She made fun of her own comment (which she’s already apologized for) adding that Bieber must be showering a lot since he’s wearing a towel in the pic.

“I love that he’s clean,” she said.  “Just stop with the shirtless selfies!”

Check out Rivera’s remarks in the video below (around the 12:30 mark).