Is Jennifer Lopez Dating her ‘Boy Next Door’ Co-Star?

JLo on Love
Jennifer Lopez says she still believes in love.
After showing up to the Golden Globes together and looking awfully comfortable with one another throughout their promo tour, Jennifer Lopez and her Boy Next Door co-star Ryan Guzman have ignited quite a bit of romance rumors.

And let’s be honest: the rumors aren’t so far fetched.  Guzman is a gorgeous, 27-year-old dancer with a flawless bod’ A.K.A. he’s right up J. Lo’s alley.

So are things heating up between them?

Not so much… Lopez joined Ryan Seacrest this morning on his KIIS radio show and addressed the question everyone’s been asking.

“There’s nothing going on here! We have a movie coming out. We’re co-stars,” she insisted. “But we have been having fun promoting the movie, I can say that. We went to the Globes the other night. We had a good time.”

Okay, okay… We’ll give her that. But how about those sex scenes in the movie with him? There must have been some sort of connection there, right?

Nope. J. Lo says they weren’t enjoyable at all.

“I wouldn’t say they’re fun,” she explained. “They’re not fun. They’re awkward and a little bit uncomfortable, but you try to get into it, to make it real.”

Despite the rumors that she hand-picked Guzman to play the boy next door because he was hot and single, Lopez made sure to add that she doesn’t act for the pleasure of steamy sex scenes. “I’m just like get the scene over with. I get mine at home! I’m good,” she joked. “I’m not here for that! No, but seriously, I like to keeping it professional! I don’t need to get messy at work.”

And Guzman seems to feel the same way, though he admits there were a couple “pinch me” moments after realizing he was working with THE Jennifer Lopez.

As for the sex scenes, he also agrees they weren’t all that sexy. “I wasn’t comfortable at all,” he admits. “In fact, she was the one that helped me out to become comfortable throughout the whole scene.”

Check out the full interview below.