A Portly Johnny Depp Visits Jimmy Kimmel Live, Talks Barbies Acting Technique

Depp's Many Costumes
Jack Sparrow, Edward Scissorhands & many more.
It looks like someone has been having a few too many cookies. Johnny Depp was spotted looking a little more heavy than usual as he arrived at the studios of Jimmy Kimmel Live with fiancée Amber Heard.

Depp was dressed like typical Depp, underneath a dark-grey vest, he wore a beige, striped shirt left open at the collar to show off an extensive collection of necklaces.

During his appearance on the show, Depp explained how his daughter Lily-Rose Depp helped him develop many of his eccentric characters—and it involves barbies.

“We played a lot of Barbies, my daughter and I,” he said. This imaginative back and forth with Lily-Rose, now 15, helped him to figure out the voices of some of the most iconic characters he’s ever played, including Willy Wonka and Pirates of the Caribbean’s Jack Sparrow.

“One day we were playing,” he recalled, “and she said, ‘Daddy, just do it normal. Cut out the voices. No more nonsense,” he said laughingly. “And that was the day I stopped playing Barbies!”

Jimmy told the actor, currently engaged to Amber Heard, that if playing with dolls is “the testing ground” for his great roles, he “might have to have another kid!”

But Johnny wasn’t so sure about that. Depp laughed, “Well, I’ve got a lot of Barbies in storage!”

Watch the segment from Jimmy Kimmel Live below and then launch the gallery to see more pics of Johnny with fiancée Amber Heard arrive in the studio.