Beyonce Covers Up at Los Angeles Clippers Game with Jay Z

Baby bump?
Beyonce shares swimsuit photo amidst pregnancy rumors.
Beyoncé attended a Los Angeles Clippers basketball game with Jay Z last night (Jan. 16), where she kept covered up in a chic black and gold varsity jacket.

Queen Bey has yet to say anything about the ongoing speculation that she is pregnant with baby no. 2, despite dropping a major bomb last weekend with that cryptic Instagram photo.

So, is she, or isn’t she hiding a baby bump underneath that oversized varsity jacket and baggy t-shirt? 

While watching the Los Angeles Clippers versus the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game, Jay and Bey laughed and ate cotton candy, chatted with other attendees, and enjoyed themselves despite the fact that the Clippers lost.

Beyoncé wore a cool varsity jacket over a baggy black t-shirt, black leather pants, black booties, and accessorized with a cute black hat.

The “Drunk in Love” singer was also either drinking water or a clear alcoholic beverage…

After posting a pic of herself buried beneath a sandy baby bump last week, Beyoncé followed up with a swimsuit pic, just to keep everyone guessing. While it doesn’t look like Beyonce has a baby bump, she sure is fueling rumors that she is – or will become – with child.

She and Jay Z were spotted attending another basketball game on the other side of the coast – New York – just last Tuesday.

Check out the gallery above to see Beyoncé’s on point fashion, and judge for yourself if she’s hiding a baby bump or not.