Vanessa Hudgens and Julianne Hough Will be Starring in ‘Grease: Live’

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Vanessa Hudgens channels Audrey Hepburn for 'Gigi'
Gird your loins, Pink Ladies; a live Grease musical is coming to Fox.

It’s just been announced that good girl gone bad Sandy (originally portrayed by Olivia Newton-John) will be played by Julianne Hough, while Vanessa Hudgens has been casted to play everyone’s favorite Rydell High bad girl, Rizzo (originally portrayed by Stockard Channing).

The network’s three-hour live musical isn’t set to air until Jan. 31, 2016 but that doesn’t mean we’re not already excited to live-tweet the event (or read others’ funny live-tweets) as was done with the expectedly disappointing “Peter Pan Live!” in December 2014.

Grease is one of the most treasured and favored pop culture phenomenons of our time,” executive producer Marc Platt said in a statement. “It’s fun, it’s endearing and we are so excited to reimagine this iconic story with a shared entertainment event suited for today’s audience,” which is quite a daunting promise, since the 1978 film is an utter classic.

Julianne Hough (Dancing With the Stars) made a statement saying, “Grease is one of the movies that made me want to be an entertainer, and I have literally been waiting my whole life to play Sandy. My siblings and I watched it and played it out over and over when we were kids. This is my dream role and performing it live on television will be one of the most thrilling opportunities I’ve had in my career so far.”

Hudgens added, “Being Rizzo is something I’ve never imagined, and I love that because it will be a new challenge. She is such an iconic character that continues to transcend generations. I cannot wait to bring her to life on live television. I’m going to be a Pink Lady!”

We’re just wondering who will be playing Rydell High’s heartthrob, Danny Zuko (originally portrayed by John Travolta), who has yet to be cast.