Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Double Date with Beyonce and Jay Z

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It looks like Kimye have forgiven Beyoncé and Jay Z for ditching them on their wedding day.

Beyoncé and Jay Z were spotted keeping up with the Kardashians on Friday night (Jan. 16), going on a double date with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at a restaurant in West Hollywood after the Carters attended the Los Angeles Clippers basketball game.

Yep. We officially have a new pair of BFF power couples.

This is the first time the couples have been publicly spotted out together, since Jay Z and Beyonce reportedly snubbed Kimye last year by skipping their Italian wedding.

Eyewitnesses told E! news that “the couples left one minute apart in separate cars around 2:30 a.m. after spending nearly two hours together.”

The source also said, “It didn’t seem like they were celebrating anything specific, just getting together while Bey and Jay are in town. Bey was laughing a lot and she looked good, really happy.”

The couples were not photographed together, but they were seen arriving and leaving the same location.

Daily Mail reported that Jay Z was expected to be Kanye’s best man at his and Kim’s nuptials last May. Although the reason for Jay and Bey’s absence is unknown, many speculated that Beyonce didn’t want any part of the media hoopla surrounding Kimye’s wedding, and additionally, that the two ladies didn’t even get along.

Whatever rift the couples had now seems to be water under the bridge!

Earlier Friday night, Beyoncé and Jay had attended the Clippers game, where Queen Bey showed no signs that she was pregnant, despite the rumors. Kim, meanwhile, has reportedly been trying for baby no. 2, but is having trouble conceiving.