EXCLUSIVE: Celebuzz Gets The Scoop on Jennifer Lopez’s New Movie ‘The Boy Next Door’

Lopez's Killer Abs
Jennifer Lopez flaunts her bod in concert.
There’s no denying the fact that Jennifer Lopez is a desirable woman.

Her newest film The Boy Next Door however, takes that point and pushes it to the next level entirely when that desire quickly turns into an unhealthy, if not terrifying, obsession.

The premise is one in which we have seen before. The idea of one person becoming totally, disturbingly consumed by another after a heated sexual encounter, or maybe just some good old fashioned stalking, is nothing new. (Think, Obsessed with Ali Larter and Idris Elba)

But surprisingly, The Boy Next Door has taken this archetype and flipped it upside down on its head, as we get to see a woman in the position of being creepily lusted after for a change.

Claire Peterson (Lopez) finds herself in a dwindling spiral downward after she discovers her husband (John Corbett) has been cheating on her with his assistant. That is, until Noah Sanborn (Ryan Guzman) moves in next door. Claire quickly finds solace and comfort in the fact that this younger man finds her attractive but after an ill advised night of passion, things take a dangerous turn for the worst.

I know what you’re all thinking, J-Lo in a steamy sex scene with a younger guy?!

And you’re absolutely right.

This is by far the most heated we have seen Jennifer on screen in a while, and for good reason too.

When we chatted with Ms. Lopez, she let us know that her sex scene with Guzman just so happened to be the most pivotal part of the film and it’s entire storyline – but she also didn’t skimp on the details of her comfort level during the filming either.

“They’re always uncomfortable. It’s a very vulnerable position to be in. It’s not something you ever get used to as an actress, I don’t think” Lopez said, “But it’s just as hard to bare your soul emotionally sometimes. So, it’s difficult. They are difficult scenes to do, but at the end of the day this was a very important scene in the film because it is the one moment that they share together. If it wasn’t intense, or real enough, then the rest of the movie would not have made sense.”

According director Rob Cohen they had to shoot the scene twice in order to get the full feeling and intention he was looking for.

“The problem was that I felt that the whole movie turned on that scene. We actually shot two versions of it. Jennifer came really covered up, giving me almost no options and I cut that version. It was poetic, but it was milk. It had no edges, it had no provocations, and it had no stimulation. It was just what you would expect – from a Lifetime movie.”

After some convincing and more than a few talks with the producers Cohen got permission to have Guzman and Lopez reshoot the scene once more but in a completely different way.

“I went back and I said to Jen, ‘Do the shots I want. I’ll cut it, you can watch it, and on my children, I swear if you say ‘I want that shot out’, out it goes. I won’t argue, I won’t politic, whatever you are comfortable with, we will use. But give me the shots, because if we have the shots, we don’t have to use all of them. But if we don’t have the shots then we don’t have anything to work with.’ So she went for that. And Ryan went for that. And we did the whole thing.”

“Did the whole thing” indeed! We are talking close ups on J-Lo’s abs, breasts, panties…basically everything that will make your legs turn into jello.

Also for the record: no, there were no body doubles and yes, you can cry yourself to sleep with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s over how perfectly cut and fit Jennifer is at 45 years old.

Ryan’s thoughts on the scene, however, culminated into one valid concern.

“I think you see me more naked than her [Lopez]. I mean, there was a time during that scene where I heard Rob tell the camera man to go around me, so the whole time I’m doing what I need to do for the scene and as I’m doing this I know the camera is coming towards my butt (laughs) I was trying to make it look as good as it possibly could the whole time”, Guzman said.

Very reasonable, but I think your butt made the cut Ryan!

John Corbett on the other hand simply responded to the whole idea saying, “All my buddies would say to me is ‘Hey, did you get a boner?’ That’s all my buds ever wanna know about on these scenes! Nothing else.”

I guess boys will be boys?

Aside from getting to see Jennifer in a hot and heavy situation, there are, of course, other reasons to go see the movie, like the fact that Lopez is a producer on the film – something that was a brand new experience for her.

“It was a micro-budget, 4 million dollars, 25 days, super intense shooting. I had never done a film like this in my entire career…it was a first time for me. But it was very liberating as an artist because it made me realize I can make whatever movie I want. Material is what matters. Thinking ‘do I feel like doing this at this time?’ and not waiting for a studio to green light something or hire you as an actress. It really is very empowering. I think it’s just a new day, a new time, for this kind of trajectory of artists – we have more power in that way than we’ve ever had before.”

Preach girl!

And if you’re still wondering whether or not you should see the flick, just know that director Cohen is no new comer to this theme.

“You know I had an affair when I was 22 when I first came out here, with an ABC executive, who was 45 years old and a mother” Cohen said, “And she taught me a lot, so I am always kind of grateful to her because she taught me a lot about sex, women, and life. She was sort of a magical mystery to me, and she got a very active, eager guy to be with – so it was a good deal for everyone.”

So…we’re pretty much in the hands of an expert here.

See the film in theaters everywhere on Friday, January 23rd.