What If Benedict Cumberbatch Had a New Name?

Benedict Cumberbatch can say 'penguin' now.
Dearest Cumberbitches calm down: what you’re about to see is only a late night talk show bit. None of this is real. But all of it is great.

On Monday, Benedict Cumberbatch made all our brains melt when he tried on several different names on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

How would you react if this handsome display introduced himself as Chad? Or Sanjay Gupta? 2 Chainz?

My favorite is John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.

Cumberbatch, 38, is up for the Best Actor prize for his work in The Imitation Game at this year’s Academy Awards. He’s also expecting his first child with fiancée Sophie Hunter later this year.

Watch the rest of BC’s name game, above.