Chris Soules ‘The Bachelor’ Recap, Week 3: 6 Things You Missed

The Bachelor got a little more exciting this week with a guest appearance by Jimmy Kimmel hosting and taking command of the show (though we were pretty bummed Guillermo didn’t come, too).

From the late night host’s awkward commentary to a date that included milking goats and drinking it (ew!) and all of Chris Soules’ make outs in between, this episode left us feeling satisfyingly uncomfortable.

Check out the six big moments you missed:

1. Jimmy Kimmel Takes Over.  Right from the start we knew Kimmel was going to be a fun host for the week’s show, kicking things off by declaring: “I specialize in making people feel uncomfortable.    Greeting the Bachelorettes as “sister wives” and offering to make love to all the hopeful women, he succeeded in his quest of awkwardness–which also included organizing a date to Costco.

2. A Group Date to the Farm.  Prince Farming puts the girls to work on the first group date of the night, which includes an obstacle course of dealing with livestock he calls a “Hoedown Throwdown.”  At one point the girls had to milk a goat then taste the milk, and we were all gagging a bit while watching at home.  Also notable: Jillian’s butt was censored yet again.

3. The Most Un-spontaneous Wedding Crash.  After Soules was forced to go shopping at Costco for his first one-on-one date, he got the chance to do something a little more “spontaneous” with Whitney (the fertility nurse).  They decided to “randomly” crash a wedding during which no one’s faces were blurred out and they were all forced to sign a release form ahead of time… Total coincidence.

4. Makeouts Galore.  Chris Soules is almost as bad as Juan PabloAlmost.  He successfully swapped spit with 9 girls throughout the episode: Kaitlyn, Carly, Amber, Whitney, Britt, Jade, Jillian, Ashley I. and a mystery girl (whose face was obscured).  Mackenzie (the young, single mom) was so pissed off about the whole thing, she decided to ask Soules about it, causing him to sweat profusely and come up with some answer we summarize as: him being more into the physical than the emotional right now.  Best part about it all?  Becca denies him from going in for the kill and still ends up with a rose.

5. Pool Party Rose Ceremony.  Of course Kimmel had to switch up the notorious rose ceremony, throwing Soules and the ladies a pool party instead!  While everyone was having fun, Juelia took the moment to sadly reveal that her husband had killed himself, which definitely changed the tempo of episode moving forward… But didn’t stop Soules from racking up more makeouts later on.

6. Where is Ashley S.?  While the episode definitely left us feeling pretty satisfied with discomfort, it would have been better had we seen more antics out of Ashley S.  After last week’s performance, we could only imagine what she would bring to the table this week.  Unfortunately, she was missing from 99% of the show.

Also Notable:

- On Kaitlyn’s one-on-one date, there was room for some comedy as she began making out with Soules in the spa while Kimmel watched from above, chowing down on some chicken wings. LOL.

- Tracy, Trina and Amber were sent home.