Farrah Abraham Kisses New Boyfriend After Botched Lip Injections: See the Photos!

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Farrah Abraham is fine with her daughter getting plastic surgery.
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If Farrah Abraham’s recent botched lip injections are keeping you up at night, you’ll be glad to know that the Backdoor Teen Mom star is totally fine now.

The 23-year-old, who took a trip to the E.R. just two weeks ago after her upper lip swelled up to cartoonish proportions, has shared a photo of herself feelin’ a-okay after her medical scare. In fact, the size of her lips has gone down so much that she can start doing regular things that normal people usually do again.

In one photo on Abraham’s Instagram account, the mom-of-one is seen kissing — or, maybe, hovering her lips above — her new boyfriend Simon. In another snapshot, Abraham looks to have regained her duck lips skills.

Now, let’s hope that Abraham’s own daughter steers clear of plastic surgery. Oh, wait.