Man Who Paid $150,000 to Look Kim Kardashian Wants More Plastic Surgery for a Bigger Butt

Kim: Butt Implants?
Kim Kardashian proves that her butt is 100 percent real.
His quest for Kim Kardashian’s life look isn’t over.

Jordan James Parke, the man who spent $150,000 U.S. on plastic surgery and other beauty enhancements to resemble the reality star, says he’s not done with going under the knife just yet. Apparently, he wants Kardashian’s signature butt too.

“I love Kim’s bum, her bum is amazing,” Parke said on a recent episode of UK’s This Morning. “I’d like to get a bum as big as hers, but I won’t get implants.”

He continued, “I’ve been looking at body contouring, it’s quite big in America. I want to get liposuction on my stomach and back. I lost 70 pounds last year, I’m so lazy, I never exercise so I want to get lipo on my stomach and back and they put the fat back into your bum so you get two procedures in one and you get a big bum.”

Though Parke previously said that he emulated his post-surgery look after Mrs. Kanye West after watching a few episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the 23-year-old makeup artists admits he doesn’t want to look exactly like Kardashian. (Maybe that explains why he kind of resembles Amber Rose instead.)

“I don’t want to look like Kim; if I looked exactly like Kim I’d demand a refund,” he told the morning show. 

“I love myself; I love the way I look,” he added. “When people see something different they don’t understand how people can be different and be confident.”

Um, okay.