Yep, Michelle Obama Channeled ‘The Good Wife’ at Last Night’s State of the Union Address

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Besides President Barack Obama’s ad-libs and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s maybe snooze fest, last night’s State of the Union address was also about First Lady Michelle Obama.

Yes, the First Lady’s fashion has always been on point. But people are still talking about the SOTU this morning because of two words: Alicia Florrick.

As many folks have pointed out, Mrs. Obama attended the event in a tweed Michael Kors skirt suit — the same one Julianna Margulies wore on a recent episode of The Good Wife.

Here’s another look at the First Lady’s outfit, which the designer called “the state of style — pretty powerful” on Twitter:


Unfortunately for those looking to recreate their inner Alicia and now, their inner First Lady, the speckled grey ensemble is currently a hard find — the jacket is sold out at Neiman Marcus.

The Good Wife will return from its winter hiatus on Mar. 1.

[Lead image courtesy of Getty Images/CBS]