This is What Jennifer Lopez’s Closet Looks Like

JLo's Bikini Looks
See Jennifer Lopez's many, many bikini looks.
Planning on watching The Boy Next Door this weekend? Then be sure to watch out for clothing from Jennifer Lopez’s very own closet.

In a new video for PEOPLE (she’s the cover girl this week), J. Lo takes fans inside her massive closet, complete with enough jeans, shoes and gowns to fill my entire house. Twice.

“It was a really low budget move so we had to go into my closet and find stuff that was lived in and stuff that I’ve had for years,” the 45-year-old entertainer said, adding that she drew teacher fashion inspiration from the teachers in her life, her mom and sister.

And just like J.Lo herself, most of her things are pretty ageless. Seriously, do you have a jacket or a pair of shoes that’s more than 10 years old and is in mint condition?

Watch the whole thing, below, to catch a special appearance from that Versace dress.

The Boy Next Door opens Friday.