Watch: Treat Your Ears to Justin Bieber Unplugged

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Justin Bieber is getting a Comedy Central roast for 21st b-day
For once we get to forget about Justin Bieber‘s bulge, muscles, and love triangles, and just treat our ears to some nice acoustic guitar.

If you close your eyes, you might think the voice and talent belongs to some struggling singer-songwriter who moved to LA to make it big, and not the egotistical, rich as fuh Biebs himself.

But alas, it’s Justin, reminding us all that he was once a cute little guitar-playing singer who was discovered on Youtube.

TMZ remarked that John Mayer has some competition. And we agree!

Justin had a little impromptu show on Tuesday night (Jan. 20) at West Hollywood’s State Social House.

Give your ears a nice treat (yes, seriously!) and listen to Justin’s acoustic version of Edwin McCain’s “I’ll Be”, his own song “Home to Mama”, and more.

Now that news has broke that Comedy Central will be giving Bieber a roast in time for his 21st birthday, it looks like the Biebs is trying to turn a new leaf and focus on his music career this year, rather than his side project of being a douche.