5 Tips for Getting Fit Like Kristin Cavallari

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After a reality show, marriage, fame, a career and two kids, Kristin Cavallari has never let the craziness of her life keep her from maintaining a perfectly toned body.

So I can’t help but ask question everyone wants to know: How the hell does she do it?!

In an interview with E! News on Thursday, she opened up about her fitness and diet regiment, providing five key tips she sticks to when it comes to staying healthy and working on her bangin’ bod’:

1.Work Your Ass Off (Literally). “There’s not real secret, I work my butt off in the gym,” she explains to E!.  “I woke up at 5:30 a.m. [today] and went and walked uphill on the treadmill for 30 minutes.”

2. Exercise 4-5 times a week.  But before you can actually get to working the hiney off, first you have to actually get up and do something–go to the gym, run, swim, hike, whatever.  Cavallari says she works out at least “four to fives times a week” with a trainer.

3. Change It Up! Some of you might be thinking you already hit the gym five times a week, but you’re not seeing results.  Kristin’s advice?  Change it up! After explaining that high intensity work outs with short bursts have aided in toning her body, she adds, “But I think it’s important to change it up periodically.”  Right now she’s actually doing more heavy weights than she’s ever tried before!

4. Eat all natural food without preservatives or chemicals. “I eat incredibly healthy,” she explains.  “I’m the kind of person that does not eat any toxic chemicals.  So I’m always reading the labels, and if I’m going to do meat, I’m going to have it be organic and grass fed.  I just try to eat real food.”

5. Eat Yo’ Greens! “I think probably the best tip is that I try to always get a vegetable in some how.  So even in the morning if you’re making a smoothie, you can throw some spinach in it and it’s an easy way to get a serving of greens.”

There you have it! I feel like we’ve heard some of these before… Perhaps from our mothers? LOL!

What do you think of her tips?  What works for you?  Comment below!