Amanda Bynes Won’t Be Prosecuted for DUI, But She Could Still End Up in Jail

Amanda to Britney
Amanda Bynes thinks she's Britney Spears.
Amanda Bynes reportedly won’t be prosecuted for her Sept. 2014 DUI. But, there’s a chance she could still end up in jail.

The 28-year-old had a troubled 2014, and now there’s new details on her DUI case. Get all of the information below!

In 2014 we saw a lot of bizarre behavior from Bynes. She was arrested for driving under the influence of Adderall in Sept. 2014. Then, a string of events had everyone worried about Bynes.

In Oct. 2014, Bynes was hospitalized and place on an involuntary psychiatric hold. But, she was released a couple of weeks later. Then, Bynes’ bizarre behavior continued and Bynes was seen sleeping on a mall couch.

But, since that time, it seems as though things have started to get better for Bynes. People around her even started to notice improvements in her behavior in Dec. 2014.

Now, Bynes is having to face the consequences of her DUI. According to TMZ, the LA City Attorney has decided not to prosecute Bynes for her DUI because Bynes had “relatively low” level of Adderall in her bloodstream at the time of her arrest. So, the City Attorney doesn’t believe he can “sell the case” to the jury.

That’s good news for Bynes, but that’s not all. The City Attorney has now referred the case to the District Attorney. The arrest could be a probation violation for Bynes, and her probation could be revoked, and she could go to jail.

But, Bynes is clearly going through a very hard time, and has mental health issues. So, we’ll have to wait and see if the D.A. believes it’s the best idea to try to revoke her probation.

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