Chrissy Teigen Cracks a Bone in Her Foot: See the Hospital Photo

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Chrissy's Cry Face
See Chrissy Teigen ugly cry during the Golden Globes.
Chrissy & John
These photos of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are everything!
Leave it to Chrissy Teigen to make a hospital visit look glamourous.

While filming Spike TV’s new series Lip Sync Battle this week, the model cracked a bone and sent herself to straight to the E.R. While most of us would have mascara running down our faces from all the ugly crying we’d be doing, Teigen’s trip to the treatment center looked like a freakin’ Vogue spread.

Even while lounging on a hospital bed waiting for her doctor to arrive, Mrs. John Legend seemed like she was modeling couture ball gowns rather than nursing a foot injury.

“Then I cracked a foot bone. I regret nothing,” she wrote alongside the photo.

However, this wasn’t the first accident Teigen has had on set. Just days ago, the 29-year-old also banged up her knee and a medic was called to access the situation. At the time, Teigen called it “the most worthwhile injury ever.”