Diplo Kind of Shades Taylor Swift Again, Says He Knows Her Dark Secrets

Pop Star Shade War
More details on Katy Perry's feud with Taylor Swift.
Diplo vs. Taylor
Diplo has some harsh words for Taylor Swift and her fans.
The feud between Diplo and Taylor Swift isn’t over just yet.

In GQ’s latest “19 Musicians That Matter” feature, the producer throws some more shade on the “Blank Space” songstress in one scathing blurb, hinting that there’s more to Swift’s good girl image than meets the eye.

Taylor Swift is very strategic with her friends and enemies,” the quote, which has now been taken down, reads. “And I know lots of secrets. I can’t divulge, but I know a lot of stuff about her. And I’m scared. I’m scared for my life.”

And it’s no surprise that Diplo may have some ill will towards Swift. After all, he has been in an on-again, off-again relationship with Swift’s alleged nemesis Katy Perry, who is said to be the inspiration behind “Bad Blood.” (Gasp! So who knows what mean things have been said about TayTay!)

GQ has since removed the statement, explaining that Diplo’s full interview will provide more context to the DJ’s words. Since then, the publication has replaced the quote with one about Diplo’s previous Twitter spat with Swift’s BFF Lorde, reading, “So many great albums came out that week, and all people talked about, on all the big press, was Me vs. Lorde, and Kim Kardashian’s butt. No one covered any music. And it’s funny, because me and Lorde, we’re actually friends.”

In other words, you should stop wasting your money on sunglasses because there’s more shade heading this way.