JWoww Pulls a Kim Kardashian, Shows Off Waist Training Corset in New Selfie

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JWoww, Kim Kardashian
CREDIT: Instagram

Kim's Workout Plan
Get the details on Kim Kardashian's waist training.
JWoww is taking a page out of Kim Kardashian‘s workout book!

The reality star is now using waist training to get into shape. JWoww just posted a selfie to Instagram, showing off her waist training corset. Check it out below!

Kardashian has been wearing the waist trainer for months, and her body looks amazing! So, now more stars are starting to try the waist training technique. The waist training corset is supposed to help slim and shape the waist.

JWoww posted the photo below to Instagram with the caption, “After having my baby I started waist training to get my Pre Baby Body Back I’m loving the results so far.”


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