Why Did Lea Michele Vomit While Singing ‘Let It Go?’

Final 'Glee'
The sixth and final season of 'Glee' will be different from the rest.
Earlier this month, Glee released the full version for Lea Micheles rendition of Let It Go, and though it was a little late on the whole Frozen train, everyone was super excited about how great it turned out–even the song’s original singer Idina Menzel.

However, during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday night, the actress says it wasn’t all a winter white, fairy tale… In fact, the experience ended up causing her to vomit!

“I was super nervous. The day didn’t start off so well,” she admitted after explaining that she was worried about remaking the ever-famous song. “I was singing, and there was snow falling.  I looked up, trying to make it magical and beautiful… And ended up choking on the snow and vomiting on the ground.”

GROSS! But what’s worse?  “They have it in slow-mo, on film,” she revealed.

Fortunately for Ms. Michele the rest of the day turned out much better.  Many of the crew brought their kids along for the special performance who mistook Lea for the actual Frozen Queen, Elsa.

She joked that she felt like the “Disney princess God” at the time. LOL!

 Watch the full interview with Kimmel in the video above.