Farrah Abraham Explains What Went Wrong With Her Botched Lip Injections

Farrah: Plastic Surgery
Farrah Abraham is fine with her daughter getting plastic surgery.
Farrah's Botched Lips
Farrah Abraham's lip injections go horribly awry!
Her lips may be fine now and back to kissing her married boyfriend, but Farrah Abraham recently couldn’t move her mouth after a botched beauty enhancement procedure.

Recounting her visit to the emergency room after her upper lip doubled in size, the Backdoor Teen Mom star is going into detail about what really went wrong when she tried to inject her lips with some plumping serum.

Needless to say, she won’t be going back to get her pout worked on anytime soon.

“I was attempting to put in a lip implant, but while being relaxed by medication, the doctor used a method I was allergic to and I had a massive attack and went to emergency room,” she told HollywoodLife. “The hospital doctors let the other doctor know what he should not have done. I am now on medicine for 5 days in order to clear up and heal my body from the attack. I never received the lip implant.”

Abraham, 23, added, “I will stick with my other doctors that I have never had issues with in the past. I personally would not recommend south CALIFORNIA top rated doctors to anyone.”

According to the former MTV star and current six figures-earning stripper, she’ll also be appearing on Jan. 26’s episode of The Doctors to speak about the experience.

Hey, you’ve got to make that money somehow for a better doctor, right?