Instant Follow Friday: Shay Mitchell is Basically Almost Beyonce-Level Cool and the Prettiest Liar

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Shay Mitchell celebrated her 27th birthday with a bang
Shay Mitchell has perfected the bikini selfie probably better than anyone on Instagram, and she loves Beyoncé just as much as we do; therefore, we’re honoring her in this week’s Instant Follow Friday.

When she’s not showing off her amazing beach bod, she’s posing on the cover of magazines (such as February 2015’s issue of Maxim), celebrating NYE in Dubai with Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner, working on her lifestyle blog Amore & Vita, or starring on Pretty Little Liars looking 100% gorgeous at all times.

Season 5 of ABC’s murder-mystery hit show Pretty Little Liars has just aired, and will continue on for season 6 & 7 before coming to an end. Shay plays Emily Fields, a pretty jock-type who comes out as a lesbian (and becomes quite the lady killer) while her and her friends deal with the blackmail of some mysterious character, who only goes by the name of “A”, in the aftermath of their best friend Allison’s murder.

What makes Shay so great at playing Emily is that Emily’s sexuality isn’t made a big deal and doesn’t define her character on the show. On playing a lesbian, Shay herself is a positive reinforcement, for example she told Bethenny Frankel in an interview, “Sometimes I’d rather kiss another girl than I would some random guy I don’t know. They smell pretty, they have cute lip balm on.”

The series also stars Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson and Lucy Hale as Shay’s on-screen BFF’s. In real life, Ashely, 25, and Shay, 27, are all over each other’s Instagram’s, vacationing together in Hawaii, attending Coachella, and other parties around town.

Also important to take note of is Shay’s blog Amore & Vita, which she started with her friend Michaela Blaney and focuses on fashion, home décor, cooking, travel and more.

Shay’s Instagram is so on point because she knows how to work the camera in and out of a bikini, she travels the world and photographs beautiful places, loves spending time with co-star Ashley Benson, and also has a special place in her heart for Beyoncé (who doesn’t?).

Follow her on Instagram @ShayM and on Twitter @ShayMitch and revel in her beauty.