So What’s Up With Kristen Stewart’s More Manly Style Lately?

Kristen Suits Up
Kristen Stewart suits up at Stella McCartney event.
Kristen Stewart has always been super fashion-forward on the red carpet, sporting trends even before they get runway recognition… And yet she always admits to preferring a tomboy style and sneakers over a gown and heels any day!

Lately, though, she’s been able to incorporate a more manly style into her red carpet look, rocking suits and pants more than ever before.

So what’s the deal with the new look?

Stewart’s stylist Tara Swennen says there are two very good reasons for the change in style: the temperature in New York City and Stewart’s general openness to trying new things!

“It’s the perfect opportunity for me as stylist to approach a new angle that maybe we haven’t hit,” Swennen tells Fashionista. “That’s why I thought the suiting was kind of cool for her. To me she sort of oozes that sexy James Dean kind of look right now.”

She continues, “Kristen loves a pantsuit and so anytime we can do a pant, a jumpsuit, that type of thing — we like to throw it in, and especially the New York weather was a great opportunity to do that… She’s really comfortable with all this stuff. The beauty of her is that she really is a chameleon — she’ll go from wearing dresses to suits and as long as she can wear sneakers with it, she’s good.”

Come on, though! Sneakers? Still?

It’s a battle Swennen can’t win.  “After a decade at this point it’s a given,” she says.  “I don’t even balk at [her preference for sneakers].  But she knows when I would love her to wear the heel, she does it!”

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