Miley Cyrus Says Justin Bieber Stole Her Look, Wants to Grow Out Her Hair

Miley Parodies Bieber
Miley Cyrus has Photoshop fun with Justin Bieber's ads.
Apparently, Justin Bieber is the butch version of Miley Cyrus?
Maybe this is why Justin Bieber recently dyed his hair back to brown.

In a new interview with E! News, Miley Cyrus calls out the Canadian crooner for jacking her signature look when he bleached his short hair to a shocking shade of blond.

“I saw him the other day and I had to say, ‘Bitch stole my look!'” Cyrus said. “I literally said it to him and he said, ‘I’m growing my hair out.’ I said, ‘Yeah, me, too.’ It’s not easy with bleach. It’s harder than it looks. He said, ‘How long have you been growing your hair out?’ I said, ‘Since I cut it in 2012.'”

According to Cyrus, she’s been trying to regain her long brown locks from her Gypsy Heart Tour days.

“Talk to my scalp … I mean, I’m trying,” she explained. “I keep getting it here [she moves her hand slightly below her hairline] and then I keep bleaching it, then cutting it all off.”

In 2012, when Cyrus chopped off her hair, the “We Can’t Stop” songstress said that she “could never see [herself] with long, long hair again.”

“I’ve wanted to cut my hair forever,” Cyrus told Australia’s Daily Telegraph. “About six years ago, we did an episode where they made my hair look like Twiggy, and ever since I saw that, I’ve wanted to do it. But it was just getting the guts to take a razor and know that your hair doesn’t grow back overnight.”

“It’s not the cutting it that scares you. It’s the growing it out. But it’s so worth it,” she added. “It was so much maintenance. This is so easy! It’s so nice.”