Zedd Holds Selena Gomez Close in New Selfie, Teasing Romance and New Track Title

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New Year, New Man, New Hair for Selena Gomez
The era of Zelena (aka Selena Gomez and Zedd) is upon us, and thus so are plenty of PDA pics and other rumors to speculate about.

In this new elevator selfie of the couple with two other friends, Selena wants everyone to know she’s in love and Zedd is not shy about expressing his affection. Holding her close with his hands wrapped fully around her waist, Selena holds onto him and flirtatiously captioned the pic, “Hint #2 #iwantyoutoknow”.

Sego, what do you want us to know?!

Is she referring to a) her new relationship with Zedd is as official as it looks? b) that “I Want You To Know” is the track title of her newest song that she’s been working on with Zedd (he posted the same ambiguous sentence, handwritten, to his Instagram a few days ago too) or c) both!

Hint #2 #iwantyoutoknow

Een foto die is geplaatst door Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) op

We’re gonna assume both for now, since Selena, 22, and Zedd, 25, look pretty cozy in this latest elevator snap.

Zelena reportedly also went on a double-date with Zac Efron and his girlfriend Sami Miro at STK in Atlanta on Friday night (Jan. 23, 2015). Selena is currently in Atlanta filming The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving, and Zedd is in Atlanta giving the singer-actress some company.

An onlooker told E! news, “Selena and Zedd were definitely cozy and cuddling in the booth. They walked out together.”

This latest pic definitely shows a young couple in love, and after all those other sexy Instagram pics they’ve been posting of one another, Selena and Zedd definitely do not look like they’re just friends.