Kate Middleton Falls Victim to Photoshop Fail: See the Pic!

Kate's Flawless Hair
Here's proof that Kate Middleton's locks will always be perfect.
Kate Middleton is the latest celebrity falling victim to a Photoshop fail!

Woman’s Day, an Australian magazine, decided to use Photoshop on a recent picture of Middleton, and we have the picture to show you. Let’s just say, the original picture is much better! Check out the photo below!

First, Bruce Jenner was the victim of a Photoshop fail. Now, it’s Middleton. Last week, Middleton attended the opening of the Kensington Leisure Centre in London. A pregnant Middleton looked amazing while attending the event, and many pictures were taken of her that day.

But, one magazine decided to use Photoshop on a picture of Middleton from the event, and then they put the Photoshopped picture on the cover of their magazine. Here’s the cover of the magazine below.

Kate Middleton

(Woman’s Day)

Now, here’s the original picture.

Kate Middleton

(Getty Images)

Wow! What do you think about this Photoshop fail?! Sound off in the comments!