Farrah Abraham: I’m Considering Getting Butt Implants

Farrah: Plastic Surgery
Farrah Abraham is fine with her daughter getting plastic surgery.
Farrah's Beach Butt
Farrah Abraham shows off her bikini booty on the beach.
Apparently, Farrah Abraham didn’t learn anything from her botch lip injection procedure.

Though she was recently sent to the emergency room after attempting to get plumper lips, the Backdoor Teen Mom is considering going under the knife again to get something else on her body enhanced — even if doctors are telling her to “not even go there” on national TV.

In a recent episode of The Doctors, the former MTV star and current stripper hints at receiving butt implants. Though, in the same appearance, Abraham says her E.R. visit was “a wake-up call” and vows she’s “never going to be [getting lip implants] ever again,” the 23-year-old claims she still has her heart set on making her booty a little perkier.

“Yeah, I am,” she responds when the co-host asks if she still plans on getting her butt done. As the onscreen professionals insists she stop with plastic surgery, Abraham continues, “I’m still doing research. I’m more in the research phase. I don’t want anything that’s creating more problems.”

Abraham admits she has previously underwent two separate breast augmentation surgeries and gotten cheek fillers, a chin implant and a nose job. She also says that she adds filler to her upper lip to make them symmetrical to her lower ones, but has been considering getting implants as a more permanent solution.

“I’m more concerned about stretching out my lip and that’s why I’m kind of scared to keep doing the injections,” she explains, adding that she’s “super happy” that she’s alive after her medical scare.

Maybe Farrah try whatever Kylie Jenner’s doing to her pout.