Kanye West Says Kim Kardashian Isn’t a Gold Digger Because She Dated ‘Broke Black Dudes’

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Kimye PDA
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's intimate moments.
Cue background music: “Now I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digga…”

Kanye West provides the argument that Kim Kardashian isn’t a gold digger because she actually HAS messed with broke guys before.

During his acceptance speech for receiving the Visionary Award at the taping for the 2015 BET Honors over the weekend, he felt the need to clarify rumors surrounding his wife that she may have only married him for the money.

“At the barbershop…I used to hear people always talking about, ‘Man you know when an entertainer get on, of course you know he gon’ go and get a white girl and blah blah blah and a white girl gon’ get a rich black dude.’ But I wanna say that my wife has dated broke black dudes,” he defended Kim. “It got nothing to do with the money.”

Hm… Who could he be talking about? (Cough coughRay J).

The “Gold Digger” rapper then continued into a speech about racism and recalled a moment between Kim and her father Robert Kardashian who predicted his daughter would one day give birth to a black child and have to face the difficulties of discrimination.

“He said to her, ‘One day, you may have a black child…a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful black child…and it’s gonna be hard. You’re gonna see how hard it is'” Kanye recalled.   “So true enough, we deal with racism because there are different races. Or the micro of it is that we focus on the different races as opposed to the macro, which is the human race.”

Unfortunately we won’t get a chance to hear his speech in full until Feb. 23, but at least we know what to look forward to!

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