That Time ‘Sex and the City’s’ Berger Recreated His Ugly Post-It Note at Sundance

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Sex and the City fans are filled with old rage this week.

And it’s all thanks to Jack Berger. Or, rather, the guy who played him: Ron Livingston.

Fans can also thank Cosmopolitan’s Charlotte Palermino, who bravely asked Mr. Livingston to recreate a special moment from Season 6 Episode 7. (The actor was in Park City supporting his latest work, The End of the Tour).

For the non-SATC fans, the episode, aptly titled “The Post-It Always Sticks Twice,” ends with Berger breaking up with Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) for good with a teeny tiny Post-It note after a night of make-up sex and what many had hoped to be a re-launch of their weird but wonderful romance.

Anyway, here’s the recreation:

BRB, going to rip up some Post-It pads. Staples, don’t hate me.