Watch Channing Tatum Recreate Daughter Everly’s ‘Poop Face’

Channing Talks Everly
Channing Tatum reveals his most enjoyable activity with his baby girl.
There really is nothing sweeter than a father talking about his daughter.

Well Channing Tatum did that — and then some — on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Speaking about their darling little girls — Everly Tatum, 18 months, and Jane Kimmel, 6 months — the famous dads quickly turned the conversation to well, bathroom talk.

“Does she have a poop face?” Tatum asked the host. “That’s my favorite thing about babies is they all have these different poop faces.”

According to Tatum, Everly’s poop face reminds him of a certain Marlon Brando scene from The Godfather series.

Let’s see what Everly thinks of the recreation when she’s old enough to watch this interview.

Tatum’s new film Jupiter Ascending opens in theaters Feb. 6.