Eric Stonestreet Talks ‘The Loft’ Movie, ‘Modern Family’ & Co-Star Jesse Tyler Ferguson

'Modern Family' Cast
See the cast on set at The Grove in L.A.
Eric Stonestreet is best known for his role on Modern Family. But, he’s now moving from the small screen to the big screen with his new film, The Loft.

This movie opens on Jan. 30, and it’s going to have audiences on the edge of their seats. We were lucky enough to talk to Stonestreet at the Los Angeles screening of the movie last night, (Jan. 27, 2015). Stonestreet talked to us about the movie, plus he also talked to us about Modern Family and his Modern Family co-star, Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Check out the interview to get all of the details!

The Loft is a remake of the 2008 movie, Loft. This movie is about five friends who decide to get a loft behind their wives’ backs. They get the loft so that they could bring women there, and cheat on their wives. The group starts out thinking it’s a good idea, but then a woman ends up dead in the loft, and the group of friends has to figure out who’s responsible for her death.

Joining Stonestreet in the movie are Karl Urban, James Marsden, Wentworth Miller and Matthias Schoenaerts.

This movie is a thriller, a polar opposite of the hilarious Modern Family. So, what makes Stonestreet decide to get involved with a certain project? He told us, “Well it stars off with if it’s an opportunity to do something different than what I do on Modern Family, and this obviously was a unique opportunity. The script’s good, and if the material is engaging and fun. This was a movie that seemed like a good opportunity to do, you know, if it entertains me.”

During our interview with Stonestreet, his Modern Family co-star, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, arrived at the movie’s screening. When we mentioned his co-star’s arrival, Stonestreet he said, “Oh good! He’s a great guy!”

You can see The Loft when it hits theaters this Friday, Jan. 30! Watch a clip from the movie below, and then tell us, are you going to check out this movie? Sound off in the comments!