JWoww Has a Few Words for “Bitches” Who Are Criticizing Her Parenting Methods

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Jenni “JWoww” Farley isn’t too happy with people talking smack about her new role as a mom.

The Jersey Shore alum, who welcomed daughter Meilani with fiancé Roger Mathews last July, recently decided to have a little fun and gave her new bundle of joy a Guidette makeover. When some people didn’t take the joke very well and began to criticize the 28-year-old for being an unfit mother, JWoww’s inner lioness came out.

Sharing a screenshot of a tabloid dragging her for “taking it too far” by “giving her daughter fake boobs ‘like mommy,'” JWoww lashed out at nosy naysayers the accompanying caption.

“Actually no I didn’t,” she wrote. “It was a joke and in good fun so she can laugh when she’s older.”

JWoww added, “Honestly shut the fuck up and mind Ur business. I would love bitches to say this to my face.”

Moral of the story: Never piss off JWoww.

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