Nick Jonas Talks Taylor Swift, His Iconic Crotch-Grabbing Photos and a Jonas Brothers Reunion

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Nick jonas sings about getting naked. You're welcome.
Transforming from Disney boybander to sex icon and solo artist almost over night, it goes without saying that the last six months have been a complete whirlwind for Nick Jonas.

Now, the 22-year-old is opening up in the latest issue of Rolling Stone and dishing on his new, independent career and the perks that have come with it–including some sexy photo shoots, new fans and the chance to party with Jay Z and Beyoncé at Taylor Swift‘s birthday party.

Jonas had shared an adorable photo on Instagram last month from Swift’s b-day festivities, donning a zebra mask as he playfully kissed girlfriend and former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo.

“I think that was just the tequila talking,” he told RS about the funny mask and rowdy photos. “That was a fun night. Taylor threw a really good party. And I was pretty pumped about hanging out with Jay Z and Beyoncé. Talk about relationship goals!”

LOL! Speaking of relationships, while we’re all stoked about Nick’s solo career path, a lot of people have been wondering if we’ll ever see a Jonas Brothers reunion again.

“I don’t know. My life has changed so much in 12 months that I can’t predict what tomorrow is going to bring, you know?” he explains.  “It’s hard to imagine saying ‘never.’ But for this moment in time that I’m in right now, I don’t see that happening.”

And perhaps it’s for the better. Since heading off on his own, the “Jealous” crooner has risen in fame with a sex symbol title–especially after stripping down in the ever-famous Flaunt magazine photoshoot last year.

Did he know what a huge impact that spread would have on his career?

“I had no idea. It just kind of happened,” Jonas said of the licentious fuss fans made about the shoot.  “And now I have a lot of unexpected new fans. It was pretty interesting to watch it all unfold and travel in the way it did. It’s resurfacing at the moment, as another male artist [Justin Bieber] has done a photo shoot similar to it. It’s one of those things where I’m getting sick of looking at myself like that.”

Between the shoot and his role playing a gay martial arts fighter in the DirecTV show Kingdom, he’s also gained respect as a gay icon.

“I don’t know if I’d necessarily call myself a gay icon. But my goal in the last year was to expand and grow as a person and an artist, and embracing my gay fans was a priority,” he revealed. “Some of my gay friends have thanked me for that, and that’s a really good feeling.”

Of course his new public persona worried him when it came to keeping his old fans. “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little fearful,” he added. “But you have to be willing to say, ‘I know I’m pushing myself, and if not everybody comes with me, that’s okay.’ I’m just thankful that a lot of them did.”

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