Here’s What Happens When Pizza and ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Become One

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The thought of sex followed by pizza seems like a pretty good idea to me… But the thought of sex and pizza becoming one? No thanks.

Domino’s found itself in a bit of a mess Tuesday when a Fifty Shades of Grey-themed ad for their Sriracha pizza made its way onto the internet… And in case you’re not sure what that looks like, we’ve got it right here for you:

The eyebrow-raising ad features a cartoon tongue tied up with whips, chains and even a gag. “You’re going to suffer and enjoy every moment. Domino’s Sriracha. Super spicy, super tasty,” reads the text, which closely relates to the theme of Fifty Shades.

So what the hell was Domino’s thinking with this weird S&M promotion?  They actually didn’t anticipate anyone ever seeing it.

“It’s real,” Domino’s spokesman Tim McIntyre tells People. “The ad was created and pitched by an agency to the independent franchise in Israel.”

But it was never going to hit the market. “It never ‘officially’ appeared anywhere, because it was ill-advised, unfunny and not brand-appropriate,” McIntyre continued. “In a word, it was stupid.”

However, he can’t help but laugh at the situation.  “When I first saw it myself, I thought it was a parody, just in time for the premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey,” he adds. “I’m still shaking my head.”

PS: Fifty Shades hits theaters Feb. 14! SO SOON!