Justin Bieber Takes a Photo With His Pants Down After Apologizing for Immature Behavior

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Well, that was quick.

Soon after issuing a very public apology for his past “arrogant” and “conceited” behavior, Justin Bieber slips right back into immaturity and does something that a bored millennial with too much time and access to an iPhone would do: snap a photo of himself pooping.

In a new picture shared on the pop star’s Shots account, Bieber is seen sitting — presumably on the toilet — with his pants and underwear around his ankles. Trying to play it cool, the 20-year-old only comments about the rug under him (as opposed to, you know, the fact that we’re seeing a POV shot of where his manparts just were a few seconds ago).

“Look a diamond floor mat,” he captions the shot.

justin bieber toilet underwear pooping

But hey, maybe this isn’t a photo of Biebs doing a No. 2. For all we know, it could be a really shitty Calvin Klein ad. Pun totally intended.