People Are Making Super Bowl Bets on Katy Perry’s Boobs

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With Super Bowl just around corner, football fanatics and people with money to throw around are placing bets on everything from who will take the big game to if Katy Perry‘s cleavage will make an appearance during the halftime show.

According to gambling website BetOnline, those who are wagering that the “This Is How We Do” singer’s boobs will stay covered for most of her performance are set to win $3.50 for every dollar bet.

For the most part, Perry seems to be keeping it PG for everything Super Bowl related: Her ESPN cover with footballer J.J. Watt was relatively tame and the only sneak peek of her much-anticipated concert was a photo of her toes.

However, the 30-year-old has also recently shared a video of a topless interpretive dance piece as “inspiration.” So who really knows?

The Super Bowl is set to air February 1 on NBC.