Ryan Gosling Sounds Even Hotter With an Australian Accent

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Gosling's Work Out
See the hunk leaving the gym...barefoot
Hey Girl, what if Ryan Gosling was actually from Australia and sounded like Hugh Jackman, Simon Baker, the Hemsworthbrothers or Russell Crowe all the time?

Well, viewers Down Under got a little taste last night when the actor popped into the frame during the AACTA Awards broadcast.

You see, Gosling and Crowe are currently filming The Nice Guys in Los Angeles. When Crowe presented an award via satellite during the show, his co-star decided to join in on the fun.

Canadians and Australians are pretty similar, you know.

Watch the clip, below.

In other RyGos news, a University of Saskatchewan study has discovered that men are more likely to support feminist statements when the statements are combined with a photo of the Canadian actor. (Yes, the Hey Girl memes inspired the study).

“We don’t know what it was about him that they liked so much,” a co-researcher told The National Post. “It could have been they just really admired him or they think he’s a cool dude.”

NGL, I’m a little jealous that these PhD students got to incorporate Ryan Gosling into their work.