7 Reasons Why Asher Monroe is About to be Your Next Musical Crush

Singer, songwriter, dancer, producer, actor… Is there anything Asher Monroe can’t do?

The answer is no, which is why he’s about to be your next big crush.  In fact, the 26-year-old hottie from Arlington County, Virg., is about to be the next big thing for music.

After releasing his second EP On My Way: Part 2 on Tuesday, Monroe came in and gave CELEBUZZ the opportunity to let us and our fans get to know him a bit better… And let’s just say, we were not at all disappointed.

Here are 7 reasons why we fell in love with him, and you surely will, too:

1. He’s smart and successful.  Monroe released the first part of his EP in Dec. with predetermined plans of releasing the second part later on, providing his fans with an exciting experience to look forward to. “I broke it into part 1 and part 2 only because I felt it would be more engaging for my fans to kind of have pieces of my work, instead of just a full length album, and then they wouldn’t hear from me again for 6 months.  So they’ve enjoyed it being cut up like that.”  Not to mention, he’s teamed up with some of music’s biggest influencers including Chris Brown, Ryan Tedder and Sean Kingston.

2. He’s 100% real. In describing his music, he says, “I think the one thing I want to showcase in terms of my music is that I’m a real singer.  I’m not some auto-tuned kid that just came out of no where.  I’ve had a background in music my whole life.”  He adds, “Growing up I listened to a lot of old-school, organic music, and I think that’s what people are missing nowadays in music–that real, tangible sound.”

3. He takes control.  When it comes to his music and his career, Monroe takes full control, never half-assing anything.  “I’m not the type of guy who just sits on something and let’s something that’s half-assed go out,” he explains.  “I’m a very perfectionist type of person.  I make sure everything is perfect–the mixing, everything.  It takes me a while to get to the final product I can release to the world.”  But he doesn’t just control the music side of his career, he controls everything–from his social media to his styling and even his visuals.  “I’m very hands-on,” he explains.  “I’m very attached to everything.”

4. He’s worldly.  So how does someone who’s so invested in his career stay sane?  Travel. “Anytime I can travel outside of LA, it refreshes me,” he explains.  “I can’t be in one spot too long.  I need to be moving around.”  By the way, his favorite vacation spots include the South of France and Venice. (I mean, come on!)

5. He writes his own music about his life (which could include you some day).  “There’s not a song I haven’t written on,” he explains.  For example his song “Fucked Up” with Sean Kingston came from his own experience with heartbreak.  “For me, I try to write as much about my personal life as possible so I’m kind of like an open book.  I feel like a lot of my music is completely the journey I’m going on in my life, in my love life and my relationships.  So my fans get on the inside of what’s going on with me through my music.”

6. He learns from those he works with.  Monroe has worked with tons of artists including Chris Brown and Sean Kingston, but when it comes to his absolute favorite person to work with he says it’s hands down Ryan Tedder, the frontman for OneRepublic.  “He’s tapped into everything, you know.  He’s doing his band, but he also writes for everybody,” Monroe says, recalling a story he once told him.  “He told me an interesting story about how he was on his couch for 5 years and ‘Apologize’ took him that long to write and that was one of his first big singles… So I’ll pick up these little stories and tidbits form artists and writers I’m working with, and it’ll be really motivating and inspiring knowing it solidifies the journey I’m going on.”

7. He believes in love, relationships and Valentine’s Day.  “I think the reason love is such a big subject to write about is because we all go through the same thing,” he tells me on the topic of love.  “For me, my favorite thing about being in a relationship is having someone to always share your thoughts and feelings with.  It’s knowing that you can come home to someone who’s always there for you, and I think that’s something we can all relate to.” He also adds that, though he doesn’t have set plans yet, he’ll definitely have “something special” up his sleeve on Valentine’s Day. Aww!

Make sure to check out more from Asher on his Spotify and YouTube, and you can buy On My Way: Part 1 and On My Way Part 2 on iTunes now.