Kendra Wilkinson Reunites With Hank Baskett Months After Cheating Scandal: See Their New Family Photo

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Kendra: It's a Set-Up
Kendra Wilkinson slams husband's transexual mistress.
The verdict is in: Kendra Wilkinson has decided to return to her cheating husband.

After months of being on the fence about divorcing Hank Baskett, the former Playboy model has seemingly taken back her unfaithful spouse. In a new family photo posted to Wilkinson’s Instagram, the mom-of-two is all-smiles while on vacation in Park City, Utah with Baskett and their son, Hank Jr.

The 29-year-old, who said she contemplated suicide after learning about her husband’s affair with a transexual, is currently in town for the Sundance Film Festival.

Last November, when she was flip-flopping about what to do with Baskett’s infidelity, Wilkinson claimed she was single after flushing her wedding ring down the toilet. Though days before, the reality star also appeared on TV and insisted that the she and Baskett will “be together forever.”

Well, it certainly looks like Wilkinson has chosen the latter.