Friday Fashion Flashback: Lauren Conrad’s Transformation From Reality Star to Fashion Icon

LC goes purple
Lauren Conrad shares a snap of her new hairdo.
Lauren Conrad turns the big 2-9 on Sunday, so what better way to celebrate than with a look back at her evolution over the years.

Starting off as a mere 18-year-old on the MTV reality series Laguna Beach, LC wasn’t always the walking Pinterest board she is today.

Her earlier style was the epitome of every high school girl in the early 2000s: jeans skirts, layered tank tops (probably from Hollister or Abercrombie & Fitch), flip flops and starfish necklaces. Of course we can’t rag on her too much for that because it was THE LOOK back then, but we’re definitely glad she’s transformed since.

While many people may depict her style as #basic, there’s no denying Conrad has become a fashion icon around the world. Turning jewel tones, hair bands and layered looks into major trends, she’s built an entire brand out of her classic and conservative style that even extends into home décor and weddings.

Check out her full evolution by launching the gallery above.