Snooki’s Baby Girl Adorably Depicts Exactly How we Feel in the Morning

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Snooki‘s daughter Giovanna Marie is one of the cutest little babies we’ve ever seen.  She’s got the chubbiest little cheeks, a head full of hair and an impeccable style (much thanks to her mama), but today she revealed that she’s not always perfect.  In fact, she’s just like the rest of us in that mornings just ain’t her thang.

Snooks took to Instagram to share a rise-and-shine photo with her love bug, and we couldn’t help but relate to the sour look on Giovanna’s adorable little face.

Her eyes squinting, barely open, wearing her pajamas with her hair going to and fro, we felt Giovanna’s pain in sharing a similar reality: we all wake up like that–because not all of us can be Beyoncé.

And this just makes us love the little Italian nugget all the more!  Just like her mama (and J. Lo), she’s real.  Not to mention, messy hair and all, she’s still one of the most precious baby girls ever.

Speaking of, Snooki celebrated her daughter’s 4 month birthday earlier this week, sharing a photo of her smiling ear-to-ear while dressed in a big purple bow and a leopard-print frock (because, duh) for her big day.  We couldn’t believe how much she’s grown already.

Squeeeeees all over!