The Funniest Celeb Pics of the Week That Will Make You LOL! 1.31.15

Emma vs. Jimmy
Emma Stone and Jimmy Fallon battles in lip sync war. Who wins? Who suffers?
It’s the weekend! Are you ready to see some hilarious pictures of celebs? Great, because we have 20 pictures you have to see!

This week we found some LOL-worthy photos of celebs. Like the one above of Naomi Watts tripping over Emma Stone’s outfit at the Screen Actors Guild Awards! Plus, we also have pictures of Rachel McAdams and Joe Jonas that you can’t miss! Check out our gallery to see all of the pictures!

Each week, we do a search to find the most hilarious pictures of celebs. Then, each Saturday, we bring them to you! Last week, we showed you some extremely hilarious photos. But, this week’s pictures are going to make you LOL even more!

Launch the gallery to see 20 hilarious celeb pictures!

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