Bow Down! Dame Helen Mirren Rides the Subway Like an Elegant Boss

Woman of the Year
Watch Helen Mirren twerk her way to her award.
If you didn’t already know, now you know: Helen Mirren is an Academy Award Winner, a Dame, and the chillest boss around.

Many New Yorkers had the pleasure of riding the subway with one miss Helen Mirren Thursday night (Jan. 28, 2015), who casually went on to her destination via public transportation like it was no big deal.

And celebrities riding subways isn’t really that big of a deal, is it? Cue *applause* for Dame Helen and her perfect subway etiquette anyways.

One lucky New Yorker sat across from her on the R train and snapped this pic:

And the picture basically confirms what we already knew: Helen Mirren is one classy broad.

That beautiful fur coat and collar: amazing. Her purse: amazing. Those lavender gloves: amazing.

And of course, Helen has perfect subway etiquette: her purse is placed on her lap and she’s not taking up any extra seats, unlike the despicable manspreader (one who takes up more room than necessary with open legs) seated next to her.

The 69-year-old managed to look elegant and casual despite the frigid below zero NYC temperatures and gawking plebeians around her, no doubt.

Helen, we bow down to you and your beautiful spirit.