‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson Land Another ‘Glamour’ Cover

Jamie's Sex Dungeon
'Fifty Shades of Grey' star Jamie Dornan visits a sex dungeon.
Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele are taking over newsstands.

With Fifty Shades of Grey’s release just around the corner, actors Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson find themselves on yet another magazine cover. Appearing on the front of Glamour UK’s March 2015 issue, the two co-stars open up about their highly-anticipated film, their most uncomfortable scenes and who they’d want — or don’t want — to watch the movie.

“I don’t want my family to see it, because it’s inappropriate. Or my brother’s friends that I grew up with,” Johnson says. “Also there’s part of me that’s like, I don’t want anyone to see this movie. Just kidding.”

Dornan adds, “When my daughter’s 18, I’m not going to be going, ‘You’ve gotta watch Daddy in Fifty Shades of Grey.’ But there will be greater things to protect her from than Dad’s arse on the big screen.”

Maybe like whatever happened in  that Room of Pain? According to the both Dornan and Johnson, it definitely got a little awkward while filming bondage scenes between their characters.

“There were times when Dakota was not wearing much, and I had to do stuff to her that I’d never choose to do to a woman,” Dornan says.

“It’s stressful enough to be tied to a bed, naked, in a scene. But then they call ‘Cut’ and you’re still tied to the bed, naked,” Johnson explains. “Jamie would be the first one to throw a blanket over me. And he did a lot of studying, just to make sure that I was as safe as possible. But there were some painful moments.”

Fifty Shades of Grey is out Feb. 13.